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How to enable scroll bar and How to set background color


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To change the entire background of the chart

chart1.Background = Brushes.Yellow;

To change the plotted area background

chart1.PlotArea.Background = Brushes.Red;

Note that the defaul style (glass) has some effects drawn on top of the background, you can switch to the Simple or Basic style if you want complete control.

chart1.Style = ChartFX.WPF.Motifs.Simple.Style;



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To enable scroll bars you have 2 options

1) If you know you will have a lot of points and you want to see 10 at a time you would use

  chart1.AxisX.SetScrollView(1, 10);

2) Alternatively, you can specify the minimum number of pixels a bar will occupy (note that this actually means the bar + some of its surrounding space which is controlled by Series.Volume)

  chart1.AxisX.PixelsPerUnit = 20;



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We have subscribed to the DataBound event on the Chart and use this event to readjust the scroll view.

But we think there is some kind of a race condition which is causing application crashes and we get index out of bound exceptions.

We calculate the total points that are in the chart at the time we add a series to the chart using the Chart.Data.Points property, and use this information to set the range of our scroll view.

Also we notice that when a series is removed from the Chart the total data points doesn't necessarily go down.

What would be the correct way to solve our problem?



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