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How to change default marker for Pie charts?


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Unfortunately changing how the marker is represented in the legend requires a new template, your idea of honoring the Marker.Shape is very good but we cannot incorporate it because it would break scenarios where people changed the marker shape in a line chart and then switched to pie.

Add this to your Window.Resources or in your app.xaml

  <DataTemplate x:Key="LegendItemRect">

  <Grid x:Name="grid" Margin="{Binding Path=Margin}">


  <ColumnDefinition Width="*" SharedSizeGroup="FirstRow" />

  <ColumnDefinition Width="*" />


  <Rectangle Fill="{Binding Path=Fill}" Stroke="{Binding Path=Stroke}" Width="12" Height="12" Margin="0,0,4,0" Grid.Column="0" />

  <Border Background="Transparent" Grid.Column="1" VerticalAlignment="Center">

  <ContentControl IsHitTestVisible="false" Content="{Binding Path=Content}" ContentTemplate="{Binding Path=ContentTemplate}" Foreground="{Binding Path=Foreground}" FontFamily="{Binding Path=FontFamily}" FontSize="{Binding Path=FontSize}" FontStyle="{Binding Path=FontStyle}" FontWeight="{Binding Path=FontWeight}"/>




  <DataTrigger Binding="{Binding Path=Dimmed}">




  <Setter Property="Opacity" Value="0.25" TargetName="grid" />




And this code to your constructor or loaded handler

  chart1.LegendBox.ItemAttributes[chart1.AxisX].Template = (DataTemplate) FindResource("LegendItemRect");




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