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Setting proportions on Chart Panes


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Currently we do not support this functionality. We have been working on this so we should be able to upload a hotfix soon with support for this. Note that for panes to have different heights you will have to make sure they have different Y axes.



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So, I do have different Y Axis for each of my panes, There was some documentation on Axis Proportions, but I don't see that attribute exposed anywhere.

With the way things are currently, is there a way to have different Heights for my Y axis?

If not, Is there a way I can be updated as to when the feature would be available.



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We did add support for this before releasing, the property you want to use is an attached property in the StackPanePanel class called Proportion. In code it would be something like this

  StackPanePanel.SetProportion(pane1, 7);

The value uses as proportion works similar to the start sizing in a WPF grid. We will add up all the proportion value for the panes (default is 1) and then use each pane's proportion to calculate the percent of space it should use.

I apologize for the confusion. The feature is already supported.


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