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Chart FX for WPF Compatibility with VS2010 Beta 1


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If you are using Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 and Chart FX for WPF to create your WPF applications you have probably found that you have no design time experience, i.e. if you click on the chart at design time you will not get our wizard.

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Unfortunately Beta 1 does not pickup the Design time assemblies we ship for Visual Studio 2008 because they reference older versions of the Microsoft.Windows.Design.* assemblies. We expect this will be fixed on future Visual Studio builds so that we can ship multiple design time dlls and each Visual Studio will load the appropriate version.

In the meantime we have been building VS2010 compatible assemblies although they are not shipped with our installer, if you are using VS2010 and want to use our design time functionality you must do this

  • Install our most recent hotfix
  • Send an email to support at softwarefx dot com to request the VS2010 design time assemblies
  • If you have a Design subdirectory underneath the folder where ChartFX was installed, rename this folder and copy all files to its parent directory
  • Overwrite ChartFX.WPF.Design.dll and ChartFX.WPF.Design.VisualStudio.dll with the VS2010 compatible assemblies (keep a backup copy if you think you might want to switch back to VS 2008)

If you are starting a new project you will not get our component in the toolbox or in the WPF tab in the Choose Items dialog, but you can browse for the ChartFX.WPF.dll assembly.

Note that VisualStudio 2010 Beta 1 seems to ignore the ToolboxBrowsable attribute so it will suggest a bunch of classes that you will not need in your toolbox, make sure you uncheck all classes but Chart.


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