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Production Install ChartFX WebForms on Web Server

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We currently have ChartFX for Visual Studio 2005 at our location.  We have developed two web sites using the application, and are in the process of outsourcing our web server to a hosted environment.  On our current local web server we are running the development copy of ChartFX which requires Visual Studio to be installed.  The web sites that are running with ChartFX were also developed with the development copy of ChartFX installed.  On our local server everything runs correctly.  We are in the process of migrating the sites to the hosted server.  In doing so we installed the Production version of ChartFX for Visual Studio 2005. We are now getting the following message when we attempt to run either one of the two sites using ChartFX :

Compiler Error Message: BC32206: Indirect reference is being made to assembly ChartFX.WebForms Version 7.0.2540.35421, which contains 'ChartFX.WebForms.DataProviders.CrosstabDataProvider'.  This project references a prior version of ChartFX.WebForms version 7.0.2424.18088.  To use 'ChartFX.WebForms.DataProviders.CrosstabDataProvider', you must replace the reference to ChartFX.WebForms with Version 7.02540.35421 or higher

 In looking deeper it would appear that the version of ChartFX that installs with the development install is version 7.0.2424.18088 but the version that installs with the production install is 7.02540.35421.  This was from the same installation CD. 

 My question is how do we get the production version of ChartFX on the Develoment box so we can redeploy, or how do we put the development version on the web server so it matches what was used when the site was built.

Thank you...

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At the dll level, there is no Production or Development versions of them. There is only one DLL version (the Development/Production difference comes from the license installed).

I think the problem you are having is that you downloaded a newer version in your development box (maybe from a service pack or hotfix).

7.0.2540.35421 is the newer version and all ChartFX dlls should share the same major build (2540). You need to do one of the following:

1) Download a new installer for both your dev. box and your production server containing the latest version.

2) Download a service pack from our support site and installed in BOTH your dev box and your production box.

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