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Preventing X dragging on an XY Chart? Rectangle selecting of multiple points in a series?

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I have a chart that displays multiple series as a step graph with timestamps

as the X Values. The app allows the users to modify the data in the chart

by dragging markers (Chart.AllowDrag = True). I only want to allow them to

move the marker vertically (Y axis), not Horizontally (X Axis) - in other

words, they should only be able to edit the value, not the timestamp which

the value is tied to.

Unfortunately, by making the chart into an XY chart (via making the the

first series in the ListProvider the dates and setting the DataType(0) =

XValue) allows the user to drag the marker in the X direction as well.

Is there any way to prevent this?

Also - I have a need to allow users to select multiple points for a specific

series on a chart to perform operations on them (say, draw a rectangle

around a subset of points in a series on the chart like when you zoom to

select those points, and then right-click to bring up a menu to do

something, or "drag the points up and down" within the chart). I figure I

can accomplish this with a lot of coding and lots of use of the MouseDown

event and the MouseEventArgsX object; but I was wondering if there's a

sample or KB article that might be relevant to this chore :)


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