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chart type that is stacked and side by side


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My user wants a chart that is both stacked and side by side.. As an example.. We want to do a  chart that shows the number of apples eaten in a class vs the number of oranges by student by month.. So there are 2 stacked bars per month- the left stacks the number of apples eaten per student for the month, the right does the same for oranges.. and they would want 9 months shown.. Havent been able to find an example in the stacked and side by side graphs that allow both.  hope the example makes sense..any help appreciated




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 The code bellow will generate the attached chart. I hope it is what you are looking for.

  Dim nSeries As Integer   Dim nPoints As Integer   Dim i As Integer   Dim j As Integer     nSeries = 4   nPoints = 5   i = 0   Chart1.OpenData COD_Values, nSeries, nPoints   Do While (i < nSeries)     j = 0   Do While (j < nPoints)   Chart1.Value(i, j) = (Rnd()) * 100   j = j + 1   Loop   i = i + 1   Loop   Chart1.CloseData COD_Values     Chart1.Series(0).Stacked = True   Chart1.Series(1).Stacked = True   Chart1.Series(2).Stacked = False   Chart1.Series(3).Stacked = True     Chart1.AxisY.Max = 200

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