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  1. I have a large chart with 24 bars. When the data editor is turned on there is too much data to appear on the screen. So a horizontal scrollbar appears. It always defaults to the left most, or initial data on the graph(with scroll bar all the way to left).. Is there anyway to get the data editor and scroll bar to default so that the maximum or last items appear ( ie scroll bar all the way to the right)?
  2. My user wants a chart that is both stacked and side by side.. As an example.. We want to do a chart that shows the number of apples eaten in a class vs the number of oranges by student by month.. So there are 2 stacked bars per month- the left stacks the number of apples eaten per student for the month, the right does the same for oranges.. and they would want 9 months shown.. Havent been able to find an example in the stacked and side by side graphs that allow both. hope the example makes sense..any help appreciated
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