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Selection zooming seems to work oddly


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I'm trying to use selection-style zooming on my X axis which is bound to data with DataPath.  There are a couple of odd things happening.

My chart is set up like this:

  <cfx:ChartView x:Name="MainChart" Series="{Binding SeriesAttributes}" Loaded="MainChart_Loaded" Grid.ColumnSpan="4">   <cfx:ChartView.Zoom>   <cfx:ZoomArea Mode="Selection" ViewStyle="Selection"/>   </cfx:ChartView.Zoom>   <cfx:ChartView.LegendBox>   <cfx:LegendBox Visibility="Collapsed" />   </cfx:ChartView.LegendBox>   <cfx:ChartView.AxisX>   <cfx:Axis x:Name="PrimaryAxis" ForceZero="False"   DataPath="Time">   <cfx:Axis.Labels>   <cfx:AxisLabelAttributes Format="Date"/>   </cfx:Axis.Labels>   </cfx:Axis>   </cfx:ChartView.AxisX>   <cfx:ChartView.AxisY>   <cfx:Axis ForceZero="False"/>   </cfx:ChartView.AxisY>   </cfx:ChartView>

Now, when I select an area, I see the "map" appear below correctly, and I can scroll the selection.  But when I try to resize the selection, the chart snaps back to full view and I can no longer zoom.

How do I use selection zooming and allow the user to resize the selection?

Second, is there any way to get the "map" and selection to appear when the chart is first displayed (presumably showing the chart at full selection), instead of the user having to do something to get it to appear?

Thanks.<?xml:namespace prefix = cfx />

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Thank you for providing (offline) a sample app that duplicates this issue.

Please download our current build that should fix this issue (issue was fixed on build 3453), it will also allow you to initialize the chart as zoomed (Mode="Zoomed")



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