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Flaw in Updater Methodology


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We have found an issue with the way you handle updates to your control. 

I installed 3422 via the full install and then used the servicepack to update to 3439 last week.  In creating a build machine I went through the same process but ended up with 3442 due to the updater arbitarily grabbing the most recent version.  I can't use 3442 on my dev box because we've not tested it yet and I can't use 3439 on the build box because it would require a manual change to the references in the code.  While the full install would ensure all at the same version, reinstalling every time renders the updater redundant.

Unless you can select what version to download, the updater is only of use to 1-man outfits.

Do you have any plans to adress this?

Many thanks



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Note that you did NOT use the servicepack but instead you downloaded a hotfix.

- Service Packs are not released often and go through more testing.

- HotFixes allow you to download our most recent bits, as soon as fix an issue we might push a new hotfix.

If you want/need a specific hotfix and have multiple machines to upgrade, you can press the "Download Button", this should download an exe that you can then run on as many computers as needed.

Additionally, in WPF all we update are the ChartFX.WPF.*.dlls in the Bin and Bin\Design folder. You can safely copy all these file from your dev machine to your build machine.



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