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Changing chart background when falls out of threshold


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I'm a newb, and i'm trying to set the background color of a chart so that it changes if the value being graphed falls out of baseline

#--file foo.ps1 

$backcolor = 'Orange' 

$obj = new-object System.Object 

add-member -inputobject $obj -membertype NoteProperty -Name backcolor -value $backcolor


#--file launch.ps1

.\foo.ps1 | out-chart -values currentvalue -template foochart -PlotAreaColor {$_.backcolor}

It's throwing a WARNING: $_backcolor is not a valid value for Int32 when run .\launch.ps1




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I don't have the CHM help file handy, but that seems to be indicating that -PlotAreaColor is expecting a numeric value, but you're trying to pass it a string of alpabetical characters.

One way to confirm what kind of value that parameter is execting is to do this:

PS>help out-chart -full

Look through that output for the -PlotAreaColor details.

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