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  1. Dear Frank I did not hear anything from you. Are there any flags related to that events? I know there is a flag for some events like mouse events in CFX, vould it be a similar issue?
  2. Hello I told you that I use the component from QT in a big app and sending a sample will be a bit difficult. Code in general is: //Create an annotation list measureAnnotList.CreateInstance(__uuidof(AnnotationX)); chart->AddExtension((IUnknown *) measureAnnotList); measureAnnotList->PutToolBar(FALSE); //Create a handler for the events: AnnotationsEventHandler *pAnn = new AnnotationsEventHandler((IUnknown *) annotationList); /The event handler class: AnnotationsEventHandler::AnnotationsEventHandler(IUnknown* intf, QObject* parent, const char* name)
  3. Hello yes I guess you are right I am sorry, but I had so much problems with this component that I am getting crazy. So if you are willing to help, can you give me a solution for the issue I have posted above? Thank you in advance
  4. Dear allfirst of all I am sorry that I am forced to use your activex control. I have not seen a worst chart control in my life.I lost a huge amount of time now trying to make a Circle object really a Circle. I want to be able to add Circle objects and restrict them to be cirlces as your Circle object is actually an ellipse.Anyway...there is no flag in the object to that so I decided to change the size on the move/resize events, but that is also not possible. I use the damned component from QT and I connected to the events, but the only event that gets fired is selectionChanged()I hope it is a
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