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Chart is empty box


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Please help me. 

I developed WebForm chart(htmltag = auto) in VS2003, ChartFX for .net 6.2 + sp and deployed it on Web Server. Working .Net framework version is set to v1.1.4322

However my chart didn't always work well. In my PC where .Net framwork is installed, it works fine. I can use full functionality of the chart. But it is replace to empty box where 'X' mark is on left-top in other PCs though .net framework is installed. The knowledge based articles are not mentioning a case of empty box which has 'X' mark on left-top at all. or I failed to find proper documents.

When I directly access the chart file(.chw) by using source view, I can download the .chw.

When htmltag option is Image, every clients can see the chart as a picture. I want to set htmltag .net. This problem occurs only when htmltag is working with .net option. ( option 'auto' is equal to option '.net' because most client PCs already have .net framework.)

In  summary,

1. PC_GroupA - .net framework installed -> full functionality

2. PC_GourpB - .net framework not installed -> chart as image

3. PC_GroupC - .net framework installed!! -> empty box 

Can you guess why the chart is not rendered in some clients?

Thanks in advance.

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Ooops, I didn't see this one was the 6.2 forum. Sorry!! In fact ChartFX for .Net 6.2 doesn't use PSS.

Please check the following articles in our support site

Q6141001. Security settings required by the .NET client control

Q6121017. Troubleshooting the Client Component of ChartFX.Net

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