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Problems with imported configuration, data is switched between serie


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 I use this XML (below, genarated with chat.Export) to configure the look of my graphic which containe 3 series. At run time I use chart.Import and then assing a datatable to the datasource, the column names correspond to the datasourcesetting. At first the graphic loads correctly (although it seems the order of the datatable columns is important otherwise the data can be assigned to the wrong series...)

Problem 1: When clicking BringToFront, after dragging a point the data is exchanged between series!!!!!

 Problem 2: While dragging a point the graphic in blanked and the point may me dragged sideways (sometimes forcing other series to move as well!!!). For some strage reason if one of the serie has been previously set as a bar the problem can be avoided...

Any explanation or suggestion would be appreciated.

How to make sure the data is assigned and stays with the same serie.

How to prevent points from being dragged sideway.




<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><CFX7> <PANES> <ITEM index="0">  <AXES> <ITEM index="0"/>  </AXES> </ITEM> </PANES> <AXESX> <ITEM index="0">  <STYLE>Show2Levels, SingleLine, BreakZero, LongTick, AutoScale, ForceZero, RoundStep, DetectArea, AutoMinorStep, AutoFirstLabel, AutoCenter, AllowHalf, HighlightValues</STYLE>  <STAGGERED>True</STAGGERED>  <LABELSFORMAT> <FORMAT>Date</FORMAT>  </LABELSFORMAT> </ITEM> </AXESX> <ALLSERIES> <GALLERYARRAY type="ChartFX.WinForms.Internal.IGalleryType[]">  <ITEM index="0" type="ChartFX.WinForms.Galleries.Line"/> </GALLERYARRAY> </ALLSERIES> <SERIES> <ITEM index="0">  <COLOR>#ffffd154</COLOR>  <TEXT>Apports observ

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