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What is the Properties menu choice in ContextMenus?


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In the ContextMenus there is a choice called Properties...

 What is it for? It is always grayed-out for me.


I searched the documentation and can only find a picture of the ContextMenus - and little else. I can find no reference to Properties related to ContextMenus.

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The properties option in ContextMenus allows you to modify visibility attributes of the chart, like the Gallery, the Fill Scheme of the series, the style, weight, color and effect of the chart's border and also of the axis lines. Besides you can change the Labels angle and the scale for the X axis.

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Thanks for the pointer. As far as I can see, I never use Chart1.Render... or Chart1.OutputWriter. I just create a chart on an aspx page and set axes, size, data sources etc.

Perhaps I should ask the simple question -- how do I enable the Properties... (context) menu item?

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