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I created a grid using the GridFX evaluation software.  I have subsequently bought and installed GridFX software.  Now even though I rebuilt my website I get a license error when it tries to present the page.  The error simply states that my GridFX trial license has expired. How do I upgrade/convert/rebuild or whatever this grid so I do not lose all of the development effort already put into it?


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Sometimes, when you are using a trial product and install the licensed product, the registry value is correctly updated, but the temporary license file added to the project is not updated. In order to update this temporal license please add (drag & drop) a Grid FX object into your project and rebuild your application. Try this and let me know if this helps.

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Thanks for the quick reply.  I just created a new project with a subset of data of the original, built it and when I tried to run it I got the same Trial License has expired error message.  This was a brand new project.

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Please try uninstalling and reinstalling Grid FX using the following steps:

1. Close any instances of Grid FX (Visual Studio, Grid FX Resource Center)

2. Go to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > Remove Grid FX.

Please make sure that all files/directories of Grid FX are properly removed from C:\Program Files. If not, please remove them manually.

C:\Program Files\Grid FX

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Install FX

Always remember to have Visual Studio closed whenever you uninstall or install Chart FX. Also, please make sure to install as the system administrator or local admin. Sometimes, It's not enough just be a member of the Administrators group or run elevated. You have to be that built-in guy.

4. Install Grid FX using the link:


Once you have installed it, please go ahead and try creating a new Visual Studio project, drop a Grid onto a Form and let me know if you are still having the issue.

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I uninstalled and when I used the link to reinstall I got the following:

<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

This Product option does not require any download

 and there is nothing for me to run/save.

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