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Invalid Charfx License 3100000


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We have purchased CharFx7 license for Webforms. We have installed the development license in our dev machines and the charfx is working fine. We build a release package and installed the same in testing server, then we got the error "Invalid ChartFxLicense3100000" while trying to view the chart. Again i tried to install the production version of the license in the testing server and i tried to view the chart, in this case we Invalid "ChartFxLicense3100000" didn't occur, but we are not able to see any chartimage or toolbar. We are using IE7 for the application. The chart area has got only a red cross at the top and nothing is getting displayed.

Please let us know how to solve this issue.





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In your post, you are basically reporting two issues:

1.- You are getting Invalid Chart FX license 3100000 in your production server.

- Did you actually run the Chart FX production installation on that server? The 3100000 error typically occurs when ChartFX is simply unable to locate the license in the registry. If you did indeed install the product, are you running on a 64-bit server?

 2.- You get a red x instead  of a chart when running on a test server with the production license.

The browser is unable to locate the image generated by the server. This could have something to do with the configuration of the PSS service that Chart FX uses to generate the images. Check whether the Software FX PSS service is running in the services console. Toggle it on/off and see if that changes the result in any way.

 Let us know what you find.



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