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Problem with Bar chart font size


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We are using the chat control in our dot net windows application. For the bar chart we are setting the Point Labels font and Legend font dynamically. If we are increasing the font size then it is overlapping with each other.

Is there any solution to fixed the issue?

Please let me know. 




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Hi,In regard to pointlabels, please note that you can use the Offset property which allows you to customize the point label position by configuring its coordinates. The following code sets the PointLabelOffset to 4 pixels up and 5 pixels to the right:chart1.AllSeries.PointLabels.Offset = new Point(4,5);There is also another object called PointLabelOrganizer (Chart FX 7 only) that supports members to enable developers with built-in features to try and display point labels in the most visual appealing manner. It supports members not only to bring all labels to the front to avoid this issue, but also internal algorithms used to reposition and even hide offending point labels. Additionally, members have been implemented to allow the developer control over acceptable point label collisions, time limits used for organizing and even caching features (Please refer to the Resource Center for more details on how to use it).

As for the legends, please note that you can use the Staggered property which alternates the level of the axis labels for the selected axis labels. Staggering axis labels can help improve chart readability when axis label strings are long. Below, the X axis staggered property is set to true:

chart1.AxisX.Staggered = true;Regards,RandyJ

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