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How to plot a series on Z-axis


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Hi,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

   i want to plot a data series on z-axis. 

 if i do chart1.cluster = true then existing series will take its position on z-axis, i do not want that, i want to plot one specific series on z-axis how a series is being plotted on Y-axis.

 ex. if i have three series then i want to plot on on X-axis,one on Y-axis and one on Z-axis.

   pls,tell me how to plot a series on z-axis??

   pls reply as soon as possible.



Divyesh Maniyar



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Unfortunately, Chart FX engine does not support a Z-Axis. It only supports the X and Y Axis. Although Chart FX allows you to set a 3D look to your charts, but it is simply a visual effect that can be turned off.


However, when the values range for different data series varies widely, or when you have mixed types of data such as price and volume, you can plot one or more data series on a secondary value (y) axis. The scale of the secondary axis is independent and reflects the values for the associated series.

The first step in creating a secondary Y axis is to assign a series to the secondary Y Axis using the Y-Axis property in the Series object. After you have assigned the desired series to the secondary Y axis, you can use the AxisY2 similarly to the Axis-Y to handle scales, gridlines and different settings for the secondary Y Axis.


Best Regards,


Software FX Support



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