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Part 1:

A client of ours is having a major issue about how the items are being
shown (where the first item is always at the bottom of the list with
other stacked on top of that) in the Legend for a Gantt chart. I know you can supply them in
the reverse order to fix the issue with the legend, but messes up the
order on the chart -- this isn't acceptable to the client.

JuanC replied in another forum this info regarding the order of the legend:


About the order of the series in the legend box:

We normally show the first series on top, the only case where we
switch it is on a Stacked chart. This is a popular request because in a
stacked chart the first series is usually on the bottom of the bar/area.


client unfortunately wants the reverse of this for their GANTT chart
legend. While they want the first item on the bottom of the stacked
chart, they want it at the top of the legend. Is there a way to force
the legend to swap this?


Part 2:

Is there a way to force the legend to
show the items in "x" amount of columns, rather than create a huge 1
column listing of all of the items for a Gantt chart?


2 Column Based -->

Item 1   Item 2
Item 3   Item 4
Item 5   Item 6

Rather than is showing up like this:

Item 6
Item 5
Item 4
Item 3
Item 2
Item 1

seems that the software arbitrarily determines how this layout should
appear, as I've found no documentation that will force a column based
legend layout. If I've missed a setting or settings, please let me know
what I've overlooked.


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Regarding your question on part 2, unfortunately, there is no way to specify the column number for the legend. There is an option that can help you with this problem. You can try using the width and height properties of the legend to set the size of the legend box.


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