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AxisX problem


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i downloaded the charFX (lite version) for Visual Studio -Windows Forms

i created a graph (XY). i want to show only the points between 20<X<30 .but it is not working! :(

 i tried this code :

chart1.AxisX.Min= 20;



but the graph shows me the all point why? :(


i tried to change the Y like this:


chart1.AxisY.Min= 20;



and this is Working for Y!!! why is it not working for X parameters?


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For future inquiries, please make sure to post questions in the Chart FX Lite forum:


 Now, in regards to your question, in the Lite version you will not be able to define a range of values on the X axis. You will need to define your range before passing data to the chart. Since the Lite version only works with a categorical X axis, there is no real scaling on that axis. Therefore, setting min and max values will not have an effect unless you define the range in terms of the index of the borderline points.

For example, if you pass 10 points to the chart and only want to show points 3 through 6, you can do:

chart1.AxisY.Min= 3;





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