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Regd Axis Scroll size and Scroll position


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In a windows application i am working on, i have implemented a custom zoom to capture the exact area selected by the user for zoom.

after zoom is done, some times AxisX scroll view is not refreshing and so if we move scroll bar, application is crashing......

So to find the root cause of this, at one point of time i found that crash is happening when

if ((Chart.AxisX.ScrollSize - Chart.AxisX.ScrollPosition) == 1 )

then  application is crashing.

so if the above condition executes, i am writing the below code


Chart.AxisX.Step = PreviousAxisXStep; // PreviousAxisXStep is stored before zoom is done



Then AxisX is getting refreshed and there will not appear scroll bar for X-axis..

If data points are less, it's ok. Flickering will not be there....

If large no of data points are there, then flickering is involved......which is very bad experience for the user....

What does this Chart.AxisX.ScrollSize and Chart.AxisX.ScrollPosition literally mean??????


Please help me out of this problem.......

Thanks in Advance........

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