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GetHtmlTag browser tag not working


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 It appears that no matter what we use for a tag in GetHtmlTag, it is ignored.

 Example:  ChartHqtQual.GetHtmlTag(390,200,"JPeg","Chart1") 

 I have tried "Auto", "Png", "JPeg", "Image".  No matter what I use, I always get a png for Firefox and an object for IE.

IE always returns results similar to:  <script src="/ChartFXInt62/Temp/CFT0324_03193734A1A.js"></script><script>cfx_replaceChart1();</script>



<IMG SRC="/ChartFXInt62/Temp/CFT0324_0339050F045.png"
 For some reason, the object is not rendering for IE so we just want to return a Png or Jpeg, but not luck.   



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By default, Chart FX will generate an image. Please note that rendering the chart as an "ActiveX" (which includes a lot of interactive functionality) is only available for "Internet Explorer". If you use ActiveX, you will not be able to view the chart in Firefox or other browsers. Please note that Firefox does not officially support ActiveX. By setting the third parameter to "Auto", Chart FX will generate the most interactive format depending on the User Agent of the browser requesting the chart. If the browser is Internet Explorer with the .NET Framework installed, Chart FX will generate a .NET component. If the browser is Internet Explorer 4 or above, without the .NET Framework, an ActiveX will be generated. For the rest of the browsers, an image will be generated in Png or Jpeg format, depending on the browser's capabilities. Regards,


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