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How is data bound?


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If I go through the process of creating a new data source from the little menu on the top right of the control, this creates an adapter, dataset, and binding source. How is the source bound? How does it know what should be on the Y and X axis? Right now I have a field on the X axis that I don't want there. I want another field. I'm kind of new to the whole BindingSource thing.


Also, when is the grid actually visually updated with data? Is it on the tableadapter.fill() method? Does the grid automatically get updated when the dataset object gets items added/removed? Is there a way to suspend this until a later time? I'm looking at filling the dataset object in a BackgroundWorker thread and then have the grid chart ui be updated in the normal process thread to be thread safe.



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I guess I would prefer to fill my dataset, then manually set that dataset to the grid control. I just need 2 fields to report on. I need a time column as the X axis and a number as the Y axis. I don't like the BindingSource object as I'm not a fan of all the code it creates automatically for me.

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