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For those with httpHandlers section errors


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I also ran into the error where ASP.NET complained about the httpHandlers section. I am running Windows 2008 Server with MOSS 2007. I was able to make the error go away by simply editing the web.config of the affected site and removing the /system.webServer/httpHandlers section. The entries were also under /system.web/httpHandlers and I left those alone. The web parts are working fine now.

So two things...

1) Thank you for this product and I can't wait to buy it. To anyone who doesn't realize how frustrating it is to customize or develop with MOSS or WSS, you can't possibly appreciate the value of this product until you actually try to do this from scratch.

2) Your featured customer is Citigroup. Does this mean that your charts were not able to predict their implosion? :)

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Thanks for contributing.

As you noted, the problem was caused by the httpHandlers section inside system.Webserver. IIS 7 requires system.webserver while IIS 6 uses system.web. They can both coexist. The problem was that we had wrongly templated the change in iis 7 as <system.webServer><httpHandlers> while it should actually be <system.webServer><handlers>.

So if you ran into this issue, what you can do is simply modify the section to "handlers" instead of "httpHandlers". This has been fixed already and any new installations will not present this problem.

We are glad you are enjoying the product and we look forward to any feedback you may want to send our way. DataParts is our first product for the SharePoint platform and we understand that we have barely started to scratch the surface in terms of the potential for extensibilty and customization. Our plan is to continue to add web part components to the DataParts offering.




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