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Call UserCallback Programmatically?


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My application uses the UserCallback event heavily, and at present it is working.

I am now trying to add functionality which updates my charts via an external control, all asynchronously.

The most logical way for me to do this is to invoke my event handler for the UserCallback event by calling it directly.

I have done this many times before with other event handlers (Button.OnClick, for instance).

In this case, however, I cannot do it because I cannot create an object of type ChartFX.WebForms.UserCallbackEventArgs to pass in to the function.

Is it possible to do this?


I have a method which looks like this:

Private Sub UpdateChart(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As ChartFX.WebForms.UserCallbackEventArgs) Handles Chart1.UserCallback, which works as expected.

How can I call UpdateChart from my program code?


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