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ASP .net Chart FX 6.2 control rendered as image in browser


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I am using .net 2008 frame work and Chart fx 6.2 version.

Chart control is rendered as image in browser. Though i changed the property of chart HTMLTAG to Flash, .net or SVG i could get only image as output in browser.


Find below the html code.

<ChartFX:Chart ID="Chart1" runat="server" CodePage="0" DesignTimeData="C:\Program Files\Chart FX DevStudio\ChartFX for .NET\Wizard\StepLines.txt"

EmbeddedData="False" Gallery="Step" Height="300px" HtmlTag="Flash" LineWidth="3"

MainClient="True" MarkerShape="None" NSeries="0" NValues="0" Width="300px">

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If you need a fully interactive chart, you will need ot use the .Net rendering format. Flash renders with very limited functionality (tooltips and highlighting only).

What happens if you set HtmlTag to .Net? Do you get an empty placeholder on the page? Please remmember that .Net 6.2 was intended to be used in VS2003. If you are trying to debug on the local VS web server (cassini) instead of IIS, you may run into issues.


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