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default save path of chart .png image


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i m generating charts dynamicaly using chartfx 7.

whenever chart is generated by default it is saved into ..\chartfx70\temp folder.

now my problem is that i want to know the path of chart image run time. wht to do for that???

can i change the default save path at run time???? if yes, how????

pls, reply as soon as possible!!


Divyesh Maniyar.


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In order to change the Chart FX default Temp folder you need to modify an XML configuration file.

1. Go to you ChartFX installation folder (in my case is C:\Program Files\Chart FX 7\) then go to the \bin folder and look for the ChartFX.Internet.config.XML file.

2. Duplicate this file in your IIS \bin application folder, and rename it to: ChartFX.WebForms.config.XML

3. Once, you duplicate and rename this file, you need to edit it and add a couple of entries referencing an IIS virtual directory (In this case I named mine as Temp)

< CfxIESettings >

< Relative > /Temp </ Relative >

< RequiredRoot > /Temp </ RequiredRoot >

< AxCompat > True </ AxCompat >

</ CfxIESettings >

In order to illustrate this, I created a new IIS Virtual folder mapping to the physical path C:\Temp. (In your case you need to map it to your network path, and make sure the user who is going to connect to this folder has the correct read/write permissions).

Inside my IIS virtual folder I added two more folders: \ChartFX70\Temp, since Chart FX 7.0 will always look for this path.

At the end, the full path (for the new IIS temp folder) where my Chart FX will save temporary images is C:\Temp\ChartFX70\Temp

Check out the screenshot attached.

If you need to change the default save path at run time, then you need to modify the xml file at runtime.



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