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Bubble chart client side events


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Hi ,

I am trying to develop a bubble chart. Few of the requirements are 

1)Set color of the bubble based on the size.

2)When several bubbles plot on the same quadrant, the bubbles need to self stagger and then float to the front when cursor selects a bubble.

3) Customize the layout of the each bubble based on its value(point tag)


Can these be done?

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1) You are looking for Conditional Attributes. Take a look at the resource center for a sample

2) The bubbles will stagger automatically (if I understand what you mean by stagger). The floating to the front part is what I am not sure what you mean. That might be a customization that you will have to develop yourself.

3) Not sure what you mean.

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I am trying to set bordereffect and border color property for each bubble in the bubble chart. However, setting the border properties doesnt seem  to be working..setting of color is working fine..Here is what I did.

for (int i = 0; i < Chart1.NValues; i++)


  Chart1.Point.Border = true; //not working

  Chart1.Point.BorderEffect = BorderEffect.Dark; //not working

  Chart1.Point.BorderColor = Color.Black; //not working

  Chart1.Point.Color = Color.Black; //This seems to be working


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Although not very visible, changing the BorderEffect on bubbles is working. Try setting the bubble to white and the bordereffect it to Light, then to Dark to see the difference.

To set the color of the border you need to set BorderEffect to None. This information can be found in the documentation, under PointAttributes.BorderColor Property. Here is a link to the onine version of that page. It has some more useful information.


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Thanks..I was not setting bordereffect to None..It is working now.. I have another question...If 2 bubbled of same size gets plotted on at the same point, how to have both their tags visible? I want to set different properties for each of these bubbles..And user should be able to click on each of the bubble even though they ar eplotted on the same point..Is it possible?

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