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Zoom in a chart causes some lines disappear

Xiaonan Ji

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I have some charts which have lines defined by pairs of points. When I zoom in the chart, if the zoomed area excludes one of the points for a line, that line is not drawn. In other words, to show a line, it must be the case that both of the points are included in the chart area, otherwise the line is not drawn. I don't think this is the correct behavior for zooming. Zooming should only magnify part of the chart without removing or adding anything. So the correction should be, even if one point or both of the points are outside the zoomed area, the line should still be drawn.

Does ChartFX supports this? How can I enable this behavior for ChartFX if it supports. If it doesn't support this, any workarounds?

FYI, the version of my ChartFX is 7.0.2664.18481.

Many thanks.

Xiaonan Ji

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What do you mean XY Char? If it is a type of chart in Chart FX, do you mean that if I use that chart, Chart FX engine can draw lines correctly in zoomed area? I am using XY chart in my understanding but lines are still missed. By the way, curves don't have this problem. Unfortunately, I can use curves to replace lines in my case. Interestingly, lines extend beyond the left of the chart can be drawn correctly. It seems to me that, if the starting point of the line is outside the zoomed area, the line can still be drawn, but if the ending point of the line is outside the zoomed area, the line is missed. Am I right on this point? If so, I more likely to think this is a bug.

 Thank you very much.


 Xiaonan Ji

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