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Licensing error with chartfx


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We are operating an internal portal for farmers using chartFX (version 6.2)

to present statistical evaluations to our users.

This web application is based on the spring framework. Everything has been working fine.
Now we want to offer our customers the possibility to obtain this statistics as pdf files via email, which doesn't work. 
The pdf files are generated in a background thread in the spring context and and the charts are rendered with the "not for production use' warning.
These charts are rendered correctly in the jsp pages. The license files for chartFX are in the same directory as the chartfx.jar.
I have no idea whats wrong.
Thanks in advance,

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The message tag you see ("Not for production use"') is appearing because you have installed Chart FX using a Test Server License. This license, as its name suggests, is intended to be used for testing purposes. When the product is going to be installed on a production server (for comercial use), you are required to purchase a production license which will remove the message tag.




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