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Purge Temporary Chart Images


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 I created a web application and included ChartFX 6.2.  The component creates temporary images on the server when a chart is requested, but these images are never purged from the server after it's been used.  I was wondering if ChartFX 6.2 has a parameter that I can set to limit the number of temporary images that are kept on the server?  Is there a way to purge these images programmatically through the ChartFX 6.2 component?

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While newer versions of Chart FX (Chart FX 7) have a mechanism to avoid a backlog of temporary files, Chart FX for .Net 6.2 does not automatically clean temporary files from disk. You will need to schedule a task  that deletes files form that folder periodically.

In the Util folder of your Chart FX installation, you should find the sfxremove.exe tool which lets you remove files older than any time span. You can simply schedule this app to run at your convenience or you can use your own batch file in order to remove the files.




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