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Weird DPI Inconsistency


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We have two servers in which we are generating identical charts, but the DPI on the images are different. This only seems to happen when the chart is set to 3d and the output is a meta file. We're calling Chart.Export(FileFormat.Metafile, sFile). Any thoughts on why this would be happening. Is there any way to control the DPI settings?

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When the chart is exported, it's DPI will depend on the resolution of the screen of the server exporting it. To insure a constant DPI (or even increase it for better looking charts), you can use the Paint method. Here is the sample code for that (here saving the bitmap as WMF, but you can use whatever format is supported).

Rectangle r = new Rectangle (0, 0, (chart1.Width * 300) / 96, (chart1.Height * 300) / 96); Bitmap bmp = new Bitmap (r.Width, r.Height); bmp.SetResolution(300, 300); Graphics g = Graphics .FromImage(bmp); chart1.Paint(g, r, PaintStyles .Background | PaintStyles .Border | PaintStyles .Print); bmp.Save(@"c:\temp\cfx.wmf", ImageFormat.Wmf);g.Dispose(); bmp.Dispose();

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