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I am using chartfx7 licenced Version  in Visual Studio 2005. After enabling the tool bar in chartfx7,


1.The above of the chart, tool bar image items are displayed.


2.The below of the chart "Built using ChartFx. Not For Production use" message is displayed.


Please give the solution for how to remove the image items in above of the tool bar and remove the message for "Built using ChartFx. Not For Production use".
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Please don't post your Serial Number on this or any other forums. It is confidential.

Also, it seems you forgot the image.

Try a page with nothing but a chart in it. Does the chart still shows up weird? If so, you may need to download the latest service pack.

Regarding the message on the bottom of your chart, it only reflects what it sees in your license. You might need to reinstall the product and make sure you use the same Serial Number you just made public, using the Production install (if this is your production server). If its your development box, than its ok. The same message will not show up on your server.

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