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PointLabels on Pie charts


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I am creating a pie chart with the PointLabels property set to true. The data set that is used to generate the pie chart has 14 data points. When the chart is rendered, the point labels for 12 of the points are located outside of the chart with lines pointing back to their corresponding slice. These labels are arranged on the left and right sides of the chart image, with no labels to the top or bottom. Two of the pie slices end up being large enough so that the labels fit within the boundary of the slice itself.

My questions:

1. Is there a way to force all the data points to render the labels outside of the chart? The two points that are rendering inside their respective slices cause the chart image to appear inconsistent. In addition the text is difficult to read taking into account the differing colors that are used on the chart.

2. Is there a way to get the data point labels that are rendered external to the chart to take advantage of the empty space to the top and bottom of the chart instead of being stacked up on the left or right sides of the image? Since they are arranged in columns to the sides, the corresponding lines from the label to their pie slices tend to get spaced together very closely. The resulting image has a crowded appearance, especially considering the empty space to the top and bottom of the image.



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I believe I have solved question 1. I located the LabelsInside property on the chart.GalleryObj. Setting this to false sends all the point labels outside of the chart.

 I'd still be interested in hearing about any feedback on question 2 regarding the ability to space the labels to utilize the areas above and below the chart image. I see where the individual XY coordinates can be changed, but I was really looking for the tool to take care of the spacing.

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