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Zoom and .Net rendering.


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I have got the PSS and .Net rendering (trust etc.) working fine but one of my users have pointed out that the zoom, that comes with the .Net chart, on a line graph with thousands of points works in a strange way. It works fine the first time he zooms, but if he zooms again it seems like there are no data or the zoom comes up with an unexpected line/data. If he tries to use the scrollbars on the graph, the praph will scroll but there are no line/data.

First I thought it had something with the size of the zoombox when he zooms. In other words, if the size of the graph is 800x600 and the size of the zoombox is 30x 70 the component has to calculate what area to show. But it just doesn't add up.

Here is the tag for the chart element 


Chartfx7:Chart ID="Chart1" runat="server" RenderFormat=".Net" UseClientLoader="True"

EmbeddedData="True" ></Chartfx7:Chart>

I have tried many combination of the different parameters but can't make it work.


Maybe the zoom is not suppose to work to more than one level or is it something else I am doing wrong?





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Does it only happen with one of your users? Zoom is supposed to work as many times and you do it, and it is working for me. Make sure you are using the latest Service Pack, create a new project with nothing but a chart on it (you can use the same configuration you posted above). Does it work then?


Andre G

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