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I am using bar chart to display my records on a chart. my chart is having width of 1000px. this width can show 50 records at a time as per my requirement.

The issue is that if i have 100 records to be displayed. The chart is not good. I want the chart to split in two charts. each with 50 records getting displayed.

So the width doesnt change and chart gets displayed vertically.

Thanks in advance for your reply. 


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I am not sure I completely understand your request. Are yoy trying to simply display two charts whenever the number of records exceeds 50? If that is the csae, there is not much to be done from within Chart FX itself. You will need to pre-check the amount of records. If you do have more than 50, you need to split your data into two recordsets and then bind each recordset to its own chart.

Please provide some more details and, if possible,  a screenshot of how you want the charts to appear.



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