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How to include image other than markershape image?


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i am using chartfx 5.1 in vb6.0. i have included all the markershape present in the enumeration.

if i want to include the different symbol for other series, what shall we do?

can anyone help me?

i have tried to include a star image into the chartfx, but it crashes my vb application.

i have tried the following code

chartfx.series(lngcount).picture = picture1.picture

but unfortunately it crashes the application.


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As mentioned on the API documentation, the property picture of the series object applies only to 2D bars. Have you tried used Wingding characters? From the API:

You can extend the point types available by setting this property to an integer representing the negative ASCII code from any font. By default, Chart FX uses the Windings font table to handle additional point types. For changing the default font, use the PointFont property.

I hope this helps.



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