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License error


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Did you simply virtualize the image of your physical server? In other words, did you install Chart FX again on the virtual server? Please note that the Chart FX license is tied to the server through its MAC address and other details.

 Also, I remember this being an issue in older builds of Chart FX. Are you installing with the latest available version of Chart FX for .Net 6.2? Please make sure you download the latest installation package from here:


 Let me know what you find.



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 Thank you. we are checking the MAC address. But can you be more specific about the "other details"?

I am a kind not very clear about that. I am pretty new to this software actually. I know the version is ChartFX Internet 6.2

Thank you.


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Well, the issue is that when you run the Chart FX installation the installer will grab the mac address, machine name and HD serial and encrypt it along with the serial number to create a license string. At run time, Chart FX checks the contents of the license against the actual machine information. If you virtualized a physical machine, vm ware will create a new mac address and disk information. The information in the license is no longer going to match, thus the 100800 error.

Now, my recommendation would be to try using the latest available version of the installer.


Afterwards, if you continue to have problems, we will need to troubleshoot the issue in detail. Please contact support AT softwarefx DOT com .





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We have a completely virtualized front end web environment and updating our application entails updating one server and cloning that one server multiple times to create our web farm.  We have completely automated process with the exception of having to re-install ChartFX on every web server every time we update the online product, which is can sometimes be several times a week.

I can't tell you how frustrating it is that you have this arcane protection scheme in your product.  This forces me to track individual licenses and repeat activations and even worse because of the unreliability of an uninstall/reinstall it forces us to have to test each server after each reinstall to verify the product works.  When multiplied by the number of front end servers production server not to mention the dev/test systems this is an enormous amount of time wasted and a huge roadblock.

With virtualization becoming mainstream and clearly the future, I am hoping SoftwareFX sees the light and sheds this ridiculous paranoid licensing scheme.  If people wanted to steal your product, they would find a way, all this does is make it inconvenient for those of us who legitimately have to deal with it daily.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


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I've having issues getting ChartFx Internet 6.2 working consistently with servers with multiple NICs and with web farms that use Microsoft NLB.

Are there any special considerations for using ChartFx in these types of environments?

Also, which MAC address does Chart FX use for the license string?

Version: 6.2.2530.41472

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