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Tooltips in .Net control


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I know that with the Image rendered format, you can use the popupon() and popupoff() javascript methods to handle changes to the tooltips. I'm currently doing that to strip out certain codes from the tooltip before it displays to the user.

Now, I have a window popup that shows the same chart but using the .Net render method. I still need to do the same stripping of codes from the tooltip, but the javascripts aren't working. Is there a way to fix this? Or a better way to handle changes to the tooltip like what I do with the Image?




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 Please note that when you are rendering charts using the .Net client control, the tool tips are no longer handled through javascript. They are managed internally by the .Net client control. If you do need to process your tool tips on the client side, you will need to use client side events to capture the GetTip event that is fired by the control when triggered by a tool tip.


script type="text/javascript" lang="JavaScript" for="Chart1" event="GetTip(sender,e)"> e.Text="My New text";   alert(e.Object +" "+ e.Point +" "+ e.Series +" "+ e.Text);</script>

The only problem with this approach is that the user will need to allow Full Trust to the .Net framework for the zone in which the website is being viewed (Internet, Intranet, Trusted Sites) . Additionally, you will need to set the UseClientLoader property of the chart to false for any events to fire.

Also, please remember that it is possible to shape your tool tips in your server side code by using the ToolTipFormat property:

string maskString = "I'm series: "+"%S "+" my value is: "+"%v"; chart1.ToolTipFormat= maskString;

To learn more about this property, please refer to:


Hope this helps.





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