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Plotting multiple x-y axis.


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 I've problem while plotting mutlitple x-y axis in chart FX using data sets which contain null values. The data table which i used for plotting is shown below,


X         Y1        Y2 ---------------------------- 0        1        null         1        null        2 2        3        null         3        null        4 4        5        null  


It seems ChartFX is not plotting the points with null values , however my datatable will always have some null values in the y-axis.

The points with null values are not plotted, however when we enable the points all are getting correctly displayed in the chart.

  Please provide a solutioin to handle this null values.

Thanks in advance

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Naturally, the null values themselves are not supposed to show. However, non-null vlaues should show just fine. Please note that for the sampla data you profvided, if you are using the line gallery, the points will not be connected since there is a null point betwen every value. If you are working with an XY line chart with no markers, this appears as if none of the points are plotted at all. 

In that scenario, if you use the following data:

 X         Y1        Y2


0        1        null        

1 4 2

2        3        null        

3 2l        4

4        5        null


You should see a continuous line for Y1 and nothing at all for Y2.



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