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Flash charts won't print!


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Hello, we are in the process of implementing ChartFX for use in our reporting. We have a large number of charts on a page - 16~30 on our ASP pages and printing with flash charts is very sporadic - usually one page of a multi-page screen will print - so maybe 6 of the 16 total charts. This problem is consistent on Firefox (Win/Mac) and Safari.

Changing the chart type to an image works, but then I loose the tool tips. The image map is not accurate with a number of charts since all the image maps get the same id, regardless of the number generated. Therefore only one charts worth of tool tips actually show - but it is displayed for every chart. (i.e. the tool tips for the last chart on the page show the data from the first chart.) Also, setting the BackColor to transparent results in a red X on IE 7 Win. The chart still displays, but you see a red X in the upper left corner of each chart.

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