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Problem with displaying 2 lables on X-axis....help needed


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Iam using ChartFx7 in asp.net 2008.  I want to display graph which has 2 labels for X-axis. Those 2 lables are "Date" and "Hour" which are 2 different fields.  Each date will have hours from 0 to 20. I have added these 2 lables to chart with below code.


chrtMain.DataSourceSettings.Fields.Add(New FieldMap("Date", FieldUsage.Label))

chrtMain.DataSourceSettings.Fields.Add(New FieldMap("Hour", FieldUsage.Label))


When I use the above code. fields are displayed like below


10/09/2008 - 0 10/09/2008 - 1  10/09/2008 - 2 .....................  10/10/2008 - 0 10/10/2008 - 1  10/10/2008 - 2 .............


I want the date to be displayed only once until next date. I do not want it to be appended to each hour. I tried different properties and methods, I didn't get the solution. I want the fields displayed as below


0 1   2 3 4  ............................. 0 1   2 3 4

 10/09 10/10




Any help greatly appreciated.










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