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SetScrollView Behaviour


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I have a problem when using the SetScrollView function (of the AxisX property).  I have a position that is moving from one end of my graph to the other (i.e. 1 to 30,000) so i have 30,000 points. Every second (timer based) I am updating my scroll view by setting the minimum to be 100 points less of the position and the maximum to be 100 points higher.

Like this: |----------------------- (Min) |------ Position -------| (Max) ---------------------------------------|

I have handled the maths appropriately to set the scroll view at the ends of the graph (to stop weird behaviour - i.e. at the start the min is 1 and the max is 200).

If i leave the timer going my chart 'view' windows scrolls along as it should, however, at intermittent moments the graph jumps to show all 30,000 points (as if my min was 1 and my max was 30,000) and then on the next tick it jumps back to how it should be.

Does anyone know why this happens?

I also have a second problem whereby I am doing several things under the MouseClick event (single click), however if the user double clicks then ChartFX shows the whole graph and the user has to double click again to show the chosen scroll view.  Is it possible to disable this behaviour?

Many Thanks,

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Below is my source code:

  private void SetScrollView(int iPosition)   {   double dSize = 200.0;   double dHalf = 100.0;   double dMin = iPosition - dHalf;   double dMax;   if (dMin < 0.0)   {   dMin = 1.0;   dMax = dMin + dSize;   }   else   {   dMax = iPosition + dHalf;   if (dMax > m_iImageCount)   {   dMin = m_iImageCount - dHalf;   dMax = m_iImageCount - 1.0;   }   }   dMin = Math.Round(dMin / 10.0) * 10.0;   dMax = Math.Round(dMax / 10.0) * 10.0;   chart1.AxisX.SetScrollView(dMin, dMax);   }


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