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DrillDown for Collection of Collection


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I have a problem/question for the drilldown of charts.

I have two bar charts, (I name them 'overall_chart' and 'drilldown_chart'). overall_chart shows the access for a webpage grouped by months (one bar per months showing total access count). Now, when you click on one of these bars, the drilldown_charts splits the data for each day of that particular month. So far, I got this working. with the data assigned like that

Binding b = new Binding();b.Source = overall_chart;b.Path = new PropertyPath("DrillDownItem.MonthBreakdown");chart_detail.SetBinding(Chart.ItemsSourceProperty, :);

 "DrillDownItem.MonthBreakdown" points to a List of objects, that have the access data for each day, and the total access number for that Day.


Now, I can break down the accesses to that webpage by who accessed them (user) and I would like to show this in a stacked 2DBar, with one bar per day, and the different stacks stand for the different users. 

How can I make the drilldonw_chart pointing to a Collection of Collections, and create Series for each of this collection of collections? 

1) Is this possible to do? If so, were do I find some documentation? Any help and comments are appreciated. Thanks

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