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Regarding the Print Preview of the chart when it is zoomed.


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I am using ChartFx 7.0.2893 version.

After the chart is plotted with some data, when the Print Preview button is clicked, the preview that is opening in a Modal Dialog is fine and correct.

If i zoom the chart to some extent and click on Print Preview button, so many pages are generated for preview...

If the generated pages for preview are seen, the X-axis that indicating the timeStamps are wrong timestamps...

The data given for the chart doesn't contain timestamps in the range of 2009, 2010,2011.........so on

All the data is in 2008 year only.....

My question is "How come the generated print previewed pages will display the x-axis scale with values in the range of 2008,2009,2010,2011..... so on" even though data given for the chart to plot is of 2008 year data ...?

Is document that is given by the chartfx for PrintPreview after zooming of the chart is wrong???????

Here by i am providing the sample application where in you can  reproduce the same of what i mean to say.....

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