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Adding more dimensions slowing down the ChartFx OLAP Webform


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Iam using ChartFx 7 for .NET 3.5, Iam using following Mdx:

select {[Measures].[NEA] } on 0,{([DEBT SERVICE COVERAGE].[DEBT SERVICE COVERAGE].Members)} on 1,{([iNDUSTRY].[iNDUSTRY DESC].Members)}ON 2,{[PRODUCT].[PRODUCT DESC].Members} on 3 from [RISK DASHBOARD]

Above works fine but when i add another Dimension in the above query the UI takes very long time to populate the chart and this keeps on increasing as i keep on adding the Dimensions.

My requirement is to provide 3 time dimensions(Month,Quarter,Year) + another 5 dimensions so that user can play with various combinations.

I don't know if Iam doing anything wrong, but also i don't want to give any specific Mdx query that will restric user.

Early help is required.


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