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catching commandIds within the properties window


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 Hi Guys,

 I'm trying to handle the stacking of bar charts in javascript.  I've got a chart wrapper control that sets data into groups for stacking.  Since stacking will not be displayed correctly if there is a line chart inbetween stacks, reordering of the series is required. 

I've attached the javascript code to the InternalCommand to try and capture the commandId and also to see what stacking choice was selected, see code below:

  <script language="JavaScript" for='<%=mChart.UniqueID %>' event="InternalCommand(sender, args)"> <!-- alert(args.CommandId);   var chart = document.getElementById('mChart');   if (chart.Chart)   chart = chart.Chart;   alert(chart.AllSeries.Stacked); -->   </script>

The commandId is always 29696 which is the id for the "Apply" button.  What I want is the CommandId of the stacked options i.e. stacked, stacked100.  Also, is there anyway to get the type of stack selected from the chart object?  The AllSeries.Stacked only returns true and false.

Not sure if this is the best approach to take.  Ajax is not an option so it's either reorganising the data through javascript or handling the chart on a postback.

Is there any documentation available on what JavaScript objects, functions and properties are available for use?


Any help would be appreciated.

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