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SeriesAttributes.Text not refreshing correctly


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Basically i create the fields and bind the datasource, all perfect, but then i want to loop thru the series to change their name and put the columns.caption. The first time the chart loads the names appear perfectly, but the rest of times the chart loads another datasource and/or goes back to the original datasource, i shows the name of the columns as the serie.text property.

 Do you know what should i do? I leave u here the code for better understanding

//Create Fields

MyChart.DataSourceSettings.Fields.Add(new FieldMap(data.Table.Columns[0].ColumnName, FieldUsage.NotUsed));
MyChart.DataSourceSettings.Fields.Add(new FieldMap(data.Table.Columns[1].ColumnName, FieldUsage.Label));
MyChart.DataSourceSettings.Fields.Add(new FieldMap(data.Table.Columns[2].ColumnName, FieldUsage.NotUsed));
MyChart.DataSourceSettings.Fields.Add(new FieldMap(data.Table.Columns[3].ColumnName, FieldUsage.NotUsed));
MyChart.DataSourceSettings.Fields.Add(new FieldMap(data.Table.Columns[4].ColumnName, FieldUsage.NotUsed));
MyChart.DataSourceSettings.Fields.Add(new FieldMap(data.Table.Columns[5].ColumnName, FieldUsage.NotUsed));

//Every column from now on is Value

//Analyzer.Columnar.ColumnsToSkipBeforeSeries = 6 (for u to know), that way i skip the first 6 columns that are not used, only 1 field for display AxisX names.

for (int i = Analyzer.Columnar.ColumnsToSkipBeforeSeries; i < data.Table.Columns.Count; i++)


MyChart.DataSourceSettings.Fields.Add(new FieldMap(data.Table.Columns.ColumnName, FieldUsage.Value));


//General Info and DataBinding

MyChart.Gallery = Gallery.Bar;
MyChart.LegendBox.Visible = false;
MyChart.AxisX.Step = 3;
MyChart.AxisX.Staggered = true;
MyChart.DataSourceSettings.DataSource = data;

//Change of the text property
for (int i = 0; i < data.Table.Columns.Count; i++)
int iCounter = i + Analyzer.Columnar.ColumnsToSkipBeforeSeries;
ChartFX.WinForms.SeriesAttributes serie = MyChart.Series;
// === Set Series Legend ===
serie.Text = data.Table.Columns[iCounter].Caption;

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Found the solution. At the moment of the field creation i modify the DisplayName of it and works great.


for (int i = Analyzer.ColumnarFarmLoad.ColumnsToSkipBeforeSeries; i < data.Table.Columns.Count;

MyChart.DataSourceSettings.Fields.Add(new FieldMap(data.Table.Columns.ColumnName, FieldUsage.Value));
MyChart.DataSourceSettings.Fields.DisplayName = data.Table.Columns.Caption;

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