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Selecting first record on Grid


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We are using the GridFX component from long time. We are facing with some tricky situation. Currently, as per the GridFX recommandations, we are binding the datasource using the OnDataSourceSelecting event.

We are setting the first record as selected through the OnRendering event. For the Selection, we are using the ClientOnly as ChangeAction. Also we have enabled the Sorting/ Paging feature for the Grid.

When user clicks on any record (before sorting/ paging), grid shows only that record as highlighted.

When user Sorts the data on any column, first record is shown as highlighted, through the Rendering event. However the problem is if user clicks on any other row in the gird, Grid displays two record as highlighted.

Earlier we were not facing this issue when we were using the other binding method/ Selection (through the Postback ChangeAction).

Is there any issue with these events?

If not kindly suggest the way to fix this behaviour.

Thanks for the response.

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Thanks for the quick response. Here is the GridFX markup. 


GridFX:grid id="PhysCovGrid" runat="server" CssClass="gridFx-non-modal" height="220px" width="550px" DataSourceInCode="true" OnDataSourceSelecting="PhysCovGrid_DataSourceSelecting" Motif="Elegant" Palette="Default" OnRendering="EnableDisableSelect">


Selection ChangeAction="ClientOnly" Style-CssClass="gridFx-selection"/>

The EnableDisableSelect method code.

protected void EnableDisableSelect(object sender, EventArgs e){int countItem = PhysCovGrid.Items.Count;

if (countItem > 0) {PhysCovGrid.Items[0].Selected = true;}




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<GridFX:FieldColumn Title="Cov ID" Field="phys_cov_id" Visible="False"></GridFX:FieldColumn>

<GridFX:FieldColumn Title="Start Date" Field="cov_start_date" Width="70px" Style-CssClass="gridFx-cell" Style-Header-CssClass="gridFx-header" Style-Wrap="False" />

<GridFX:FieldColumn Title="End Date" Field="cov_end_date" Width="70px" Style-CssClass="gridFx-cell" Style-Header-CssClass="gridFx-header" Style-Wrap="False" />

<GridFX:FieldColumn Title="Physician Status" Field="phys_status_desc" Width="70px" Style-CssClass="gridFx-cell" Style-Header-CssClass="gridFx-header" Style-Wrap="False" />

<GridFX:FieldColumn Title="Specialty" Field="primary_splty_desc" Width="100px" Style-CssClass="gridFx-cell" Style-Header-CssClass="gridFx-header" Style-Wrap="False" />

<GridFX:FieldColumn Title="Sponsor" Field="short_name" Width="200px" Style-CssClass="gridFx-cell" Style-Header-CssClass="gridFx-header" Style-Wrap="False" />

<GridFX:FieldColumn Title="Employer" Field="employer_short_name" Width="100px" Style-CssClass="gridFx-cell" Style-Header-CssClass="gridFx-header" Style-Wrap="False" />


<DataFields><GridFX:NumberField DataPath="phys_cov_id"></GridFX:NumberField>

<GridFX:DateTimeField DataPath="cov_start_date">

<Sorting Direction="Descending" />


<GridFX:DateTimeField DataPath="cov_end_date"></GridFX:DateTimeField>

<GridFX:TextField DataPath="phys_status_desc"></GridFX:TextField>

<GridFX:TextField DataPath="primary_splty_desc"></GridFX:TextField>

<GridFX:TextField DataPath="short_name"></GridFX:TextField>

<GridFX:TextField DataPath="employer_short_name"></GridFX:TextField>

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This is mainly a timing issue.  During the Rendering, the grid's client-side initialization script has already been committed to the page.  If you select an item after that, the client-side control will not know the first item is selected (the item is selected because the css classes are applied).  So when you click on another item the client-side control doesn't unselect the first because it has no idea the first one was selected.

The easiest fix is to most your code to the Page's OnPreRenderComplete, such as:

public partial class WebForm12 : System.Web.UI.Page


protected override void OnPreRenderComplete(EventArgs e)


Grid1.Items[0].Selected = true;base.OnPreRenderComplete(e);


Let me know if this helps.  Thanks again!

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Thanks for the response. We implemented the OnPreRenderComplete event. With this event, on page load the grid was showing the first record as selected. But now if user sorts the data in grid or moves to next page, first record is not shown as highlighted.

To show the first record as highlighted after sorting/ paging, we need to implement the OnRendering event for the Grid. If we implement the OnRendering event, first record is shown as highlighted, even after sorting/ Paging. However we face issue in this case too. If user selects any other record than the first one, grid shows two records as highlighted (the first record highlighted through the OnRendering event, second record selected by user).

We are still having the issue. Please let us know if there is any way to fix this problem.


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